Termination of franchising and distribution agreements in EU

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Franchising and Dealership represent two of the main contractual instruments used for the creation of national and international sales networks. The absence of a unitary doctrine framework helped to develop differences, relevant in some cases, in the discipline of the aforementioned contracts in the main European Union countries. Therefore the need to collect in this e book the discipline applicable in some of the main European Union countries: Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain and the United Kingdom. In addition to the general discipline and the definitions of the two contracts in the different countries, the analysis is focused on the duration and termination of relationships, with particular reference to the issues of termination indemnity, termination clause, notice period, stock and non-competition obligations during and after the termination of contracts. All in order to provide for lawyers and Companies an easy consultation instrument in order to choose the best distribution contract to be adopted and to manage any phase, even of litigation, related to termination. The treatment has been coordinated and curated by Alberto Venezia, lawyer in Milan, matter specialist and author of the chapter dedicated to Italian law and also of other books dedicated to the agency contracts, sale concession and franchising among which we report: The agency contract. The concession of sale. The franchise. A. Venezia – R. Baldi, XI ed. Milano Giuffré 2015. (Authors of other single chapters: Joseph Wolff for Austria; Anna Gibello for Belgium; Robert Budde for Germany; Hans Hurlus for Netherlands; Rocco Franco for UK and Fernando Sales Bellido and Maria Dominguez Delgado for Spain).

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