European Ballads

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enclosed Audio MP3 links with 80 ballads Music & Literature Examples of compared ballads from France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, (with Canadian ballads, and songs by Bob Dylan) After 700 years since Boccaccio was born this book intends to contribute and enrich the research about the links between the great Italian novelist and folklore. In particular this work emphasises the connection between three European ballads that are still sung today and three novellas in the Decameron. In some of Bob Dylan’s songs we also find roots in ancient ballads. In the famous song of the American singer, A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, that concludes this book and derives in part from an Italian ballad, the author of the work suggests a comparison between the allegories in Dante’s Comedy and this song. Between Boccaccio and Bob Dylan you will read and listen to dozens of ballads sung in 8 different languages. Ballads are translated and analysed in their cultural context. More than 70 professional musicians have contributed to the recording of the CD. You will realise that the same stories are sung in distant parts of Europe and even in the USA and Canada, demonstrating a common culture that the European Peoples share.

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