Whatever It Takes

Disegnato da: Leslie Priestley
Nota introduttiva di: Andrew Jennings
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Protezione: Adobe DRM
Lingua: English
ISBN: 9780999643112
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In the more than seven years since the decision to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments, many fine legal minds, investigators, journalists and others have attempted to find out just how Russia, and especially Qatar, managed to pull it off.

As with almost everything to do with the entire World Cup bidding process conducted by FIFA, there is more to the story than merely about how two nations won. Much more.

This book lifts the lid on how a bid for the greatest show on earth, the FIFA World Cup, works from the inside – an inside that involves what is now known as the murky, corrupt goings-on of world football administration. As US Senator Richard Blumenthal said, comparing FIFA to the mafia “is almost insulting to the mafia”.

It’s also the inside story of a losing bid team and the characters around it. It’s the inside story of how the ‘FIFA Way – as former US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch referred to it – works, and the impact it has on individual lives. 

And it shows that when it comes to the greatest prize in world football some people will do whatever it takes.

A backstory emerges

We’ve only just begun

You better watch out, you better take care

Islands in the sun

An idea that was bound to backfire

Getting to know you

Did Qatar make an offer FIFA refused?

The art of the deal

Kevin does Zurich

Meeting the bidders

Special delivery

This is my town

Getting on with business

The world’s most expensive computer bags

Lobbying in Cairo

‘If Qatar wants it, Blatter is in a tough spot’

‘International Man of Mystery’ no more

‘Harvey Weinstein and Peter Hargitay are like that’

Doing something good


What a waste of a kangaroo

The first cracks appear




An ‘empty gesture’

The search for a smoking gun

Promises, promises

‘Call me Mike’

Follow the money

The Americans are coming!

Popcorn time

Smelling a rat

The Enterprise


The back story confirmed

Collateral damage

‘You have such an honest face’

The right side of history

Who’s Who


'A real football official who worked on her national bid, Bonita Mersiades travelled the world for two years and she tells the story from the inside. It’s not a good story and she is the only one with the courage to tell the truth. And she knows more about football than most. It’s great news for football. Less so for others. I hope you enjoy - I did, hugely.' ANDREW JENNINGS

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